Hi, Friends

I am about to set sail on a National tour with the tragically talented, and my best of my buds act, The Glitch Mob. Also with us is the up and coming hot shit duo known as Penthouse Penthouse of Team Supreme. This tour is in support of The Glitch Mob’s 2 years in the making album Love/Death/Immortality so it's a highly anticipated run for their incredibly enthusiastic fans and I'm over the moon amped to be riding shotgun with them on this and reporting from the road for DJ TIMES MAGAZINE! From the mouths of everyone working day and night to pull this production off, they've never done anything this complex and demanding, so I’m pretty sure everyone who has a chance to experience the show can expect to have their minds mangled in all the right ways. I can't wait to see how they're making it happen and will be fanatically clapping from the sidelines giving you all a little insight into everyones production, daily anecdotes, show reports and whatever else spontaneously happens when you call a tour bus home for a few weeks. Thanks for your attention and I’m happy to be your girl on the streets for this excursion so stay tuned to DJ Times Magazine for my updates.

Hi, Friends

New Year, new realms to sweep... so pumped & ready! In just a few weeks, I'm off on a National tour w/ some of my closest buds & most respected mentors, The Glitch Mob. This one is sure to be a mention in everyone's life resume as we co-create an evening celebrating art/music w/ you guys! Roughly 8 years ago, pretty sure we were all aharing tents in the wood somewhere playing tunes to *intimate* forest dancefloors wondering & dreaming of the possibilites of what the next few years were going to look like. Now, I'm witnessing their success with such proud eyes/heart & am honored & legitimately stoked they've asked me to come along for the ride. I've been cranking, finishing new tunes to share & consistently crate-digging to only be bringing you the most interesting & rowdyness out there. Check my spring schedule to see where we can meet, dance, hi-5.

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Hi Fams & Buds

It's been another weird/wild/wonderful year of shows & grinding & enjoying. for those of you that have stuck with me this far & for those that are my new comrades during this continued expedition, i thank you deeply & sincerely for trusting me with your time & attention. my mission statement has always been the same; i just want to keep entertaining you & communicating in the best way i know how, through music & movement & to keep gently feeding the best most unique/beautiful/grossly great sounds available.

I've just managed to squeeze in my 2nd original release of 2013, featuring 4 tracks: 2 originals, 2 remixes, hosted by my pals at Hot N Heavy Recordings available exclusively on Juno Download 11/25 and everywhere else on 12/2. please have a listen & support is very much appreciated!


Hi Everybuddy!

I know, I know.. it's been a minute but the silence has served me well. I've been deep in the depths of my studio between shows working on original material to share. You, as my trusted comrade & fan, can get an ahead of schedule copy, through our label's website, while the worldwide release date is April 2nd. Also, in celebration & support of this sort-of "coming out party", I have a brand spanking shiny & new 51min mixx for you to vibe to.. a collection of current WOW's in music, highlighting my tunes "Clever Boy" & "Executive Realness". It's available for stream & download on my soundcloud.. enjoy!

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Click Here to Download Tied UP (FTNT Spring Spazout Mix)

Hi everybuddy!

Playing Moogfest this year was a really eye opening, mind stretching, & premium few days. The festival itself, in honor & praise of the music pioneer & visionary artist Bob Moog, was wonderful to be a part of but also it was the focus & intention of the festivals creed to present something different & their courageous move to champion so many acts in music that are not typically seen/heard of in the U.S show circuits, that added to the awesome. Moogfest exceeded in detail & good times, celebrating the obscure & unusual as well as standard greatness & classics. Thanks to everyone who packed the room & made it so fun to hang out & share a few of my newest heavily rotated tunes of the now. Also, the amazing team at NPR Music dept covered Moogfest this year & so kindly posted my set, alongside a few other acts that i respect so greatly. I highly encourage a "DO NOT SLEEP ON" alert for yourself covered by All Songs Considered on the NPR website. Enjoy!

Summer Shows & Fall Touring 

The summer has been mobbed with fun & unique existing all over the country. As it approaches an end, this only means one thing..:: FALL TOURING! This upcoming Friday, me & 2 of my Frite Nite colleagues, Epcot & B Bravo, will be heading to Arcata, CA & hijacking an on-campus room for a night. Then I have a hometown show in Oakland at the New Parish for a booming post-burn event. Moving into fall, i've a got a few runs in the mid west, Moogfest in North Carolina, & then tagging along w/ Big Gigantic for an 11 date chain of musical hijinks. Thanks so much for your attention & appreciation in art & the desire to get weird with me.. see you soon!

Hello friend & thanks for tuning in!

Over the years having you involved in this project, as a music lover/body mover/art enthusiast, I've learned so much about this unique relationship we are in together. Recognizing the trust & surrender that is exchanged between us has been a deeply humbling & greatly provoking force that i thank you for bringing me. More & more as the barriers between the stage & dancefloor begin to dissolve & the unification of us just as we are (extraordinary animals who love to experience life) begin to crystallize, it makes me happier every time we see each other. I'm very aware of how great we have it, meeting each other in this way, & i hope it's a mutual feeling. With all this ooey-gooey appreciation for you, I decided to invite you on few dates, just to keep it interesting.

The dates I want to take you out on are audible ones.

I have a series of mixes for you that will be different than before in the sense that they're not for anyone but YOU as my trusted comrade in mind, inviting you on a mini-expedition through different styles of music. As you may recognize, my palate for music has a large hunger for all things new & old, wickedly unique & gratefully familiar, so I gave up the necessity to define what genres i enjoyed. These 30min+ mixes are a sample or maybe an introduction or maybe an A-HA moment where we can hang out doing something we both love to do; exploring music, letting go, & going in deeper with curiosity & trust. I want to challenge both you & I, take risks, expand.. & the best way I know how is to use the medium of music.

Keep locked for info & keep awesome just 'cause.

love, Ana

2012 Mix Series Part 4: "We-K"

We-K is a salute to a genre that has been mostly uncharted territory in the states to my surprise, but cannot possibly be ignored if you step into the UK, where in my opinion, is where most popular electronic music reaped it's influences.  Grime's a style that fuses garage/dancehall/hiphop & explores the full range of 140bpm, also serving my love of dubstep & dark riddims & bass

2012 Mix Series Part 3: "Hybrid Vigor"

I love music that gets caught in-between genres; the unclassifiable, the awkward, the genre of "other". Hybrid Vigor celebrates these moments of musical purgatory sampling juke, drum&bass, hip-hop, & whatever adjective can be used to decipher the following 45 minutes.

2012 Mix Series Part 2: "Rebound"

"Rebound" is a quick spin through half of decade of tunes that changed the game for me. It was the remarkable time when "dubstep" had 1st approached my skull & then consumed it & my collection for many years. These were, & still remain, some of my favorites dating from 2005 to 2009.

have a listen.. it was fun to do!

2012 Mix Series Part 1: "Sparkly Eyes Technique"

"Sprakly Eyes Technique" is the first of the 2012 mix series and is a ride underneath the forward-thinking bass music umbrella ranging from the gross to the gorgeous